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Identity Theft Protection Services

CSID Frequently Asked Questions (download_faq.pdf)
CSID Overview (download_overview.pdf)

South Carolinians effected by the October 2012 DOR Data Breach can begin signing up for the second year of free identity theft protection services now offered through CSID. In order to receive these free services, folks must enroll with CSID – automatic enrollment for those currently taking advantage of existing services will not occur. CSID services are offered regardless of when you initially signed up for Experian or even if you did not sign up at all. There are two fact sheets linked above containing additional information. If you have any questions, please let me or the Ways and Means staff know.

The State of South Carolina has issued an Intent to Award a contract for Identity Theft Protection Services to the CSIdentity Corporation (CSID). As provided in state law, unless otherwise suspended or cancelled, the contract becomes effective on October 4, 2013. The initial term of the contract ends on October 31, 2014. The State may renew the contract for four additional one year periods at its sole discretion.

CSID services provided under the contract will be available to eligible individual taxpayers (including minors and adult dependents) and eligible business taxpayers affected by the Department of Revenue security breach of 2012 beginning October 24, 2013. Services for enrolled participants will end on October 31, 2014.

CSID will make available the following services to eligible individual participants, as applicable:

  • Daily Transunion credit monitoring.
  • Change of address monitoring: Reports and monitors if and when an enrolled participant’s mail has been redirected to a new address.
  • Pay Day loan monitoring: Alerts enrolled participants if a pay day loan is established using their identity.
  • Court and Criminal records monitoring: Tracks municipal court systems and alerts enrolled participants if a criminal act is committed using their identity.
  • Social Security Number trace: Monitors and notifies enrolled participants when fraudulent names, aliases, and addresses become associated with their SSN.
  • Cyber monitoring: Alerts enrolled participants to their information being bought/sold/traded in the online black market.
  • Sex Offender monitoring: Alerts enrolled participants of fraudulent use of their identities to register in sex offender registry and alerts to proximity of registered sex offenders in enrolled participants’ immediate area.
  • Child identity monitoring: Provides a report of all the names, addresses, and aliases found in public records associated with enrolled children’s SSN. Also monitors for a child’s information being bought/sold/traded in the online black market.
  • One million dollar identity theft insurance policy.
  • Full service identity restoration services to all eligible persons even if they have not enrolled in the CSID services.

CSID will make available the following services to eligible businesses, as applicable:

  • Monitors information concerning business domain names, credentials, and static IP address information as provided by businesses.
  • Alerts businesses in real time to incidences of compromised credentials and malware.